The Director of Silver Skills is a 64 year old man who spent 6 months and 48 applications applying for jobs. He discovered it wasn’t his skills qualifications or history that prevented his employment. It was his age. It is illegal to discriminate based on age but it happens all the time. So we started a website and it’s very quickly turning into an active community the is being helped by building their own personal job profiles and online courses.

Don’t have a job and would like one?
Do have a job but would love to change it?

Do you find Seek, TradeMe, Linked In, and recruitment companies unproductive?

At Silver Skills, we believe that those people aged 50 and older shouldn’t be left out of the hiring game. We understand that these people have a considerable amount of knowledge to offer to their respective industries, and we wish to connect them to some of the finest employers and jobs available.

We have built a website to provide a forum that allows job candidates to display their experience, skills, knowledge and smarts.
Our website is unashamedly aimed at people aged over 50 as it is this group that is the victim of ageism in employment. Our website is intended to re-state the fact that over 50’s have skills our country needs.

Ageism takes many forms but typical ageist ideas are that anyone over 50:
Lacks energy, isn’t fit or strong, doesn’t understand new technology, has outdated skills and expects high salaries.
Our task is to attract employers to the site, to have employers use the site as their first port of call when searching for employees. While the site is free for employers to access, there will be a small fee for employees to register with us. Don’t be alarmed. It’s small, it’s only once and it’s a lot more effective than registering with a recruitment company.


BruceFounder and CEO;

Bruce McPhail

Waimairi Road
Christchurch 8041